Hektec is part of the Van 't Hek Group, a total supplier in the field of foundation techniques.

Thanks to our experience and specialist knowledge, we are able to come up with unconventional, creative and economically advantageous solutions in the field of foundations, cofferdams and soil barriers.

Gebr. van 't Hek

Gebr. van 't Hek is an all-round foundation specialist in the provision of sheet piling constructions and also offers a total package of pile systems that can be driven, drilled or vibrated. Particularly in the field of vibration-free and low-noise techniques, Gebr. van 't Hek has made investments in various drilling rigs and sheet piling presses over the past few years. (www.vanthek.nl).

De Waalpaal

De Waalpaal specializes in carrying out foundation repairs and installing special pile systems, particularly in limited working space. The various pile systems from De Waalpaal are installed with little or no vibration. The work for De Waalpaal often starts where large foundation machines can no longer or may no longer be installed. De Waalpaal continuously invests in more efficient and load-bearing techniques. (www.dewaalpaal.nl).

Kuipers Foundation techniques

Kuipers Funderingstechnieken specializes in the installation of Vibro piles, Avegaar piles, and prefabricated concrete piles. The equipment of Kuipers Funderingstechnieken is modern and well maintained and for the most part, manufactured in-house. See the company film on the website for a good impression of the possibilities of Kuipers Funderingstechnieken. (www.kuiperslemmer.nl).

Linden Steel Construction

Theo – maakt het in metaal - van der Linden Staalbouw is a construction company that has been in existence for more than 100 years and focuses on the manufacture of auxiliary structures and braking works and the repair and maintenance of production machines, bridges, and locks.  (www.lindenstaalbouw.nl).

Van Halteren Infra

Van Halteren Infra is a sheet piling company specializing in works for main contractors, particularly in bank and quay works. Van Halteren's strength lies in the fact that it is able to take care of design-to-execution sheet piling projects with integrated contract forms such as UAV-gc with EMVI quality requirements. (www.vanhaltereninfra.nl).

Vanthek International

Van't Hek International (www.vanthek.com) carries out foundation projects all over the world. Since 2011, successful projects have been carried out in Suriname, Curaçao, Venezuela, Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, and Australia. In addition, specialist foundation equipment is traded worldwide, partly via the Piledrivershop (www.piledrivershop.com).

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