Soil investigation in Limited work space is what we make possible,

with our dismountable CPT device.

Hektec has a rdismountable CPT device with a pushing capacity of 15 tons. This device is ideal for carrying out soil investigation in limited work space as indoors, in courtyards and in excavation pits.

The CPT equipment is transported in a 5 ft container that can be dropped off anywhere in the city or lifted into the cofferdam. The generator that provides the electrical drive for the hydraulic power pack is also located in this container. The CPT device and the rods can be brought in through any door by means of trolleys. The device can be attached to a construction wall or floor to generate sufficient reaction force. When working outside, it is also possible to work with ballast.

Probing with a demountable device is the ideal way to carry out soil research for carrying out foundation repairs or to obtain soil research for new construction prior to the demolition of the existing building.

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