Pile-driving or other construction activities can cause settlement and damage to surrounding buildings.

Hektec has the expertise to monitor settlement during the work, so that measures can be taken in advance. This can range from periodic measurements to continuous monitoring.

The level of the bolts in relation to NAP is monitored over time . The monitoring data are related to several reference points in the environment in such a way that the required accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm is guaranteed.

The objective of deformation monitoring is to have  data available during potential settlement causing activities (installation of sheet piling and excavation, etc.) and in this way to be able to say something about the cause of potential or occurred deformation of the sections or the structure. It is also possible to determine whether a structure itself is subject to settlement as a result of inadequate foundations or as a result of the soil conditions.

Deformation monitoring iscarried out as deformation measurement in the Z-direction (settlements). Or, ifrequired, in the X, Y and Z directions. During the construction process, repetitive monitoring is carried out in order to be able to anticipate at what time settlements occurred.

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