Hektec has the knowledge and expertise to carry out load testing on piles.

Hektec has the knowledge and expertise to carry out test loads on all kinds of foundation piles, both on tensile and compressive loads in accordance with NPR 7201, CUR 236 or other protocols.

Over the years, Hektec has carried out both static pressure and tensile tests independently and in cooperation with other companies.

Stretching in different cross-sections has been determined using tell tales, strain gauges or fibre-optic technology. So-called Rapid Load tests can also be carried out by Hektec.

In addition to accurate measuring equipment to record displacement, force and oil pressure, Hektec also has a number of test frames for carrying out tensile tests on anchor piles.

If other frames or ballast constructions have to be made for a project, Hektec can design them in-house and have them produced within the Van 't Hek Group.

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