I'm Sjoerd Konijn. I was born in 1996 and lives in the Beemster. At the end of 2017, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Hogeschool van Alkmaar. Afterward, I started with the Van 'T Hek Group as a trainee. Here I get to know the Van 't Hek Group and myself better through various positions and a personal development course.

I started with a double position at the technical department of de Waalpaal and as a planner/artist at Linden Staalbouw. After this, I did the work preparation/planning of the welders in the field at Linden Staalbouw for 4 months.

In May 2019 I started at Hektec as a mechanical engineer. My first assignment in cooperation with Linden Staalbouw is the development of an expansion of the Hakvoort ship's shed in Monnickendam.

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