Patrick (1980) graduated in Civil Engineering from Hogeschool Alkmaar in 2001 in the fields of construction, road construction and hydraulic engineering. At that time Patrick was already working for Hektec. After his studies Patrick specialized in geotechnical and structural design by continuously following education and training in this field including the All-round Constructor training of the HVA / Pro-Education and CGF 1. Through his work experiences at Hektec and Gebr. Van 't Hek, Patrick has a broad experience with all kinds of foundation techniques. Patrick has been de managing Director at Hektec since 2007. Over the years Patrick has played an active role in the making of various CUR-Publications and as a group member / committee member in the creation of Eurocodes in the field of foundations and geotechnics. Patrick has an international professional registration as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) through KIVI.

Patrick has developed Hektec in recent years from a "drawing and measuring department" to a specialist engineering firm with a practical approach in the field of engineering, monitoring and control that has everything in-house to guide a foundation or excavation from design to completion. 1983

Patrick regularly publishes articles on projects or technique in professional literature such as Civiele Techniek, Geotechniek and DFI Magazine and has written a number of columns for Cobouw.

Patrick is also a board member of the KIVI Geotechnical Department, DFI Europe and Lighthouse Club Amsterdam.

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