Arie-Jan (1983) graduated in Civil Engineering from Hogeschool in Holland Alkmaar in 2006 and after doing his internship at Hektec and working free hours during his studies at the engineering office at Hektec he became a permanent employee. After his studies, Arie-Jan further specialised in training in the field of geotechnical and structural design, including the HVA / Pro-Education and CGF 1 All-round Constructor training. In his role as team leader in engineering, Arie-Jan contributed to Hektec's growth from an company with 3 constructors/draftsmen to its current size with more than 10 constructors and draftsmen in the fields of geotechnical and foundation engineering and mechanical engineering.

Arie-Jan focuses internally on the training and coaching of employees of Hektec but also participates in the training of employees of other operating companies of the Van 't Hek Group. In addition, Arie-Jan regularly gives guest lectures at educational institutions and companies.

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