Vibrations in the ground are caused during pile driving or other construction activities.

These vibrations can cause damage to buildings, annoyance to people or interference with equipment. Hektec can perform vibration monitoring for you to monitor these vibrations. We do this in accordance with the measurement and assessment guidelines drawn up by the Stichting Bouw Research (SBR A, SBR B and SBR C from 2002).

Hektec is certified according to KOMO process certificate BRL 5023 'the process of monitoring vibrations'.

The added value of the certificate for the client of vibration monitoring is the reliability of the vibration monitoring performed and the usefulness of the monitoring data.

The vibration monitoring devices are installed before the start of the works.

The vibration monitoring devices can be continuously managed by Hektec, or an extensive instruction can be given so that they can be managed by you. The monitoring devices can be set with a limit value (alarm), so that measures can be taken immediately when they are exceeded. The results are graphically processed in a report.

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