Pile-driving and other construction activities, such as the installation of sheet piles, are often associated with high noise levels.

Hektec can carry out noise monitoring in such situations. We carry out these monitoring with a noise sensor with an accuracy in accordance with EN 61672 class 2.


When carrying out work in built-up areas, local residents and/or users of the adjoining buildings can be disturbed by noise.

If complaints are received from tennants/users of buildings, this can lead to stagnation of the work. The Building Decree 2012 requires contractors to ensure the duration and levels of the exposed noise to nearby buildings stays within acceptable values.

During the work, noise monitoring devices may be installed for the entire duration of the work. During monitoring, the microphone is placed on the front of the buildings where the work is most likely to result in a higher sound pressure level. In this way Hektec can determine the actual noise levels and determine whether there is actually any nuisance. Hektec carries out the monitoring using a monitoring device that has been provided with a Class 1 type approval and is resistant to weather influences.

In addition to monitoring the noise level, it is always advisable to inform the surroundings about the intended activities and the duration of the nuisance period. Good information provides understanding and can lead to acceptance.

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