By installing the foundation or overstressing floors above wall cracks can occur in structural parts of a building.

To monitor this, Hektec places crack monitors during the work.

Monitoring devices are placed if there is a clear heavy cracking in an adjoining building. In that case, crack meters can be installed before the start of the construction work in order to monitor the possible development of the cracks.

Crack width monitoring is the monitoring of the crack formation and its movement by means of the installation of a crack monitor.

Cracks in the walls of a building are often caused by uneven settlement of the foundation, or by load from roof constructions. These cracks can be the result of errors in the calculations, execution errors and/or overloading within the use of the buildings.

Frequent checks of the monitors makes it possible to determine whether the crack is in motion and, if it is desired, to intervene in time.

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