Hektec can keep a close eye on the environment to the millimetre by means of auto-monitoring.

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With auto monitoring, a Robotic Total Station (RTS) is installed at a fixed point. At a set interval (at least once every 15 minutes) the station will perform a survey on prisms which are placed on the objects that require monitoring.

In deformation monitoring, prisms are used which are monitored in several planes/directions, i.e. in the horizontal plane 2 directions (X- and Y-value) and in the vertical plane 1 direction (Z-value). The XYZ positions of these nodesare determined in relation to at least 3 fixed reference points outside the sphere of influence of the construction activities.

By repeating this survey, it is possible to make any displacement of a building and/or object visible in relation to the first measurement. XYZ monitoring can be carried out at the premises during the execution of settlement-sensitive activities. A signaling and intervention value must be determined for this.

The monitoring will be started at least 2 weeks before the start of the work and will be maintained for each phase until the end of the work and will be carried out with an RTS.

The monitoring data is visible in real time on the online portal in periods of the set interval on our portal HekMon. This data is accessible via a web browser with a personal login. If necessary, the frequency of measurements can be scaled up for measurement points in periods of 5 minutes in areas of high risk

In the viewer the highest displacement is filtered, so the monitored nodes with the most displacement are shown at the top. If desired, the signalling and intervention values can be shown in colour.

If signal and/or intervention values are reached, automatic alarm messages are sent to those involved so that an immediate action can be taken by the stakeholders of a project.

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